Senior Software Sales Executive in Utrecht, The Netherlands

Job description

What you will sell (short version):

The OnRecruit platform creates a full 360 candidate view from a marketing, job, recruiter and market perspective by tracking the entire online candidate journey and combining this data with data from other systems such as a CRM, ATS, e-mail marketing system etc. With this data set we impact our customers in different ways. Some examples:

  • Business perspective: How is my business doing (versus how my market is developing), where should I focus and where should I increase/decrease my investments?
  • Marketing perspective: How much should I (automatically) invest in which channels to drive demand for my open roles, and how can I make sure to understand which quality candidates in my database are in the market for a new role?
  • Productivity perspective: What jobs and candidates should I work on today and what context is smart to take into consideration when doing that? In which stages of the process is which individual/team doing better than another individual/team?


What you are going to do:

  • You will learn to understand who our ideal customers are and how our platform can help them become way more successful at filling more jobs faster.
  • You are going to find, connect with, speak with and close these next customers.
  • You will coordinate your sales efforts with our Demand Generation and Customer Success efforts and teams.
  • You will work with our Customer Success Team to make sure your clients become happy and successful.


Why would you want to be part of the OnRecruit team?

  • We are a true team, like a good sports team.
  • We are nice people, not assholes.
  • We are big fans of honesty, improvement and performance, not of bullshit.
  • We have the best development team that has built the perfect platform to achieve hiring success with.
  • We are a team with one, big vision and mission.
  • We offer a trajectory which helps you become successful in driving change in businesses so they achieve hiring success.
  • We want to help you succeed.
  • We want to celebrate success together with you.
  • We offer you training from the best.
  • We offer you the opportunity to work with and learn from great people.
  • We offer you a lot of fun.
  • We offer you a good salary and other benefits.
  • We offer you a lunch together with the team every day.
  • We offer you internal monthly classes, but also learning tools such as LinkedIn learning.
  • We offer you nice incentives for achieving team/company goals.
  • We offer unlimited holidays.
  • We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer (a place where people from many backgrounds have found happiness and success).


Your (potential) customer perceives you as:

  • A person that understands their market and business and can give solid advice on how to improve and grow (with the help of the OnRecruit platform).
  • A person that can actively listen, sell the dream and drive behavior to make the dream happen.
  • No asshole, but a great relationship builder they love to spend time and work with.
  • A great project manager and communicator who is clear, direct, perseverant, confident, approachable.
  • A fast, smart thinker and doer who is fluent in speaking and writing in Dutch AND English.


Your OnRecruit colleague perceives you as somebody who is:

  • Gezellig
  • Hungry and ready to play to win
  • Taking ownership
  • Coming with ideas
  • Trustworthy, honest and loyal
  • A great collaborator and sharer (of knowledge, experiences, ideas and learnings)
  • Ready to party when goals are achieved
  • Stress tolerant


From a business perspective you:

  • Constantly and significantly increase OnRecruit’s revenue on a monthly basis.
  • Always act in the best interest of the customer, team and business
  • Continuously develop yourself and OnRecruit
  • Are willing to go the extra mile.



  • You have experience in closing software/SAAS deals with a minimum (annual) ticket size of 20k EUR (our annual ticket sizes are 35k EUR and higher).
  • You preferably have experience in recruitment marketing/technology and/or marketing/e-commerce environments (we operate at the intersection of these markets).


Are you excited?! So are we..


Our recruitment process:

  • Please get in touch by applying via the button on this page.
  • Application screening (you will hear from us within a very reasonable time)
  • Phone screening (30 minutes)
  • Online assessment (2 hours)
  • Meet the team and interviews (4 hours)
  • Live assessment (1 day)
  • If there are any doubts/other things to talk about; another personal conversation (1-2 hours).
  • Offer.
  • Onboarding.

In case you have any questions:

Please whatsapp René, our co-founder & CEO on +31611604603